From mild to wild (and not just because we’re in AFRICA), but because our favours are wild. Our products are way out there, top-notch and utterly sensational mind-blowing chilli creations.

Based in Inchanga KwaZulu-Natal South Africa we take great pride in growing and harvesting an extensive range of exotic chillies. From seed to sauce we nurture and turn them into wild taste sensations.

Whether you’re after a little pallet tickling, adding depth and warmth to your food or just torturing your tastebuds we have something for you.

We’re fearless when it comes to our recipes, exploring new territories and breaking barriers. There are no rules, we just do, we create and we are!


SPAIS is about the art of chilli sauce. Our handcrafted artisan range of hot sauces come in some pretty cool crafty packaging. We source our ingredients from local farmers and grow some of the more exotic chillies ourselves.

Our chilli sauce range is free from gluten, sugar, preservatives and unnecessary additives, which set it apart from most other chilli sauce brands on the market.

You Can Have Your Sauce and Eat It

Our range of sauces are suitable for most dietary requirements and are keto friendly, low-carb, vegan-friendly, halal and diabetic friendly.We use no animal products, dairy or alcohol in our sauces.


Our sauces can be added to food, used as marinades and used for cooking.

Enjoy these tasty, healthy gourmet hot sauces with a range of food from Mozambican braaied chicken to jalapeno grilled fish and Afro Chilli wors rolls. After all, it’s all about flavour experience and adding that extra burst of sensation to your life..

How It All Started

The Spais Chilli Sauce brand started in a small misty town just outside of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in December 2011. The company’s motto is THE ART OF CHILLI SAUCE and everything we do centres around this idea of a tasty, attractive and healthy chilli sauce brand. The Spais Chilli Sauce company was founded after touring Mozambique in 2011 and experiencing all the delicious chilli sauces Mozambique had on offer. Spais Chilli Sauce focuses on natural, fresh and healthy ingredients. SPAIS Chilli Sauce, where flavour combinations come to life.


There are currently 25 flavours in the SPAIS Chilli Sauce range, we’re in the process of uploading the new ones and brewing the golden oldies. There are also LIMITED EDITIONS that join the range from time to time. Check out our FACEBOOK page for new releases.


Chilli Mint sauce is very popular and delicious on roast lamb or braaied lamb chops.

Our pioneer sauce, the original of the SPAIS chilli sauce family is the Mozambique Piri Piri sauce, still a favourite with SPAIS fans.

The Green Jalapeno sauce is a must for any jalapeno fan.

If you are looking for something nice and HOT the Devil Chilli Sauce is for you!

Our AFRO CHILLI SAUCE is one of the most popular in our range, it’s almost as hot as the Devil Chilli but with a totally different spectrum of flavours. The Afro Chilli sauce in ZULU is SHISA which means hot and bursts with flavour, this one is addictive!

The SMOKED CHILLI SAUCE is a subtle smokey sauce made using fresh ingredients that complement each other and the food that you add it to.

New Saucy Additions

Our latest flavours form part of our SUPER HOT range of sauces. These are DRAGON’S BREATH, SCORPION STINGER, VIPER VENOM which speaks for itself, and is a combination of some of the world’s hottest chilli peppers! Then we have our local is lekker CURRY CHILLI SAUCE and SMOKEY CAYENNE AND DATE which is phenomenal. We have also introduced a few crazy flavours like BEER CHILLI SAUCE and RICKSHAW RUSH which is like a sweet chilli on steroids. We are still uploading some of these new sauces to our shop, so hang in there. If you don’t see the one you want it is coming but by all means pop us an email to see if we have it in stock.