Things you should never travel without

6 Things You Should Never Travel Without

It’s funny how the simple little things never come to mind while packing. Here is my advice on the 6 things you should never travel without. Maybe it’s the last minute excitement, or just the fact that traveling and being at home surrounded by all your handy gadgets are two very different things! I’m the sort of person that starts packing weeks before my trip. I’ll get my bags out and put stuff in as I think of it. A few days before I leave I’m all packed and ready to go. There are always last minute things that find their way into my bags, usually little gifts that may come in handy or some snacks I think I’ll need. […]

Chilli Mint Chicken Thighs

These chilli mint chicken thighs are absolutely delicious. Like their big brother, the Chilli Mint Chicken Flattie they are just pure deliciousness! A delicious combination of yoghurt, Chilli Mint sauce and fresh herbs. Check out our Chilli Mint Chicken Flattie Recipe for another version of this deliciousness! Want to Sstay tuned and keep up to date on our latest competitions and sauce releases. Hit that like button on our Facebook page.

Low Carb Lasagne

Lasagne is something we all dream about. A low carb lasagne is otherworldly. Garfield was definitely onto something! Traditionally as I’m sure you know lasagne is a type of wide, flat pasta, possibly one of the oldest types of pasta in the world. On a keto diet, pasta is a no. We have successfully substituted the lasagne sheets for aubergine as in this recipe, thin butternut sheets (slices) and courgettes sliced very thinly. All the flavor is in the white sauce and mincemeat really, the “pasta” is just there to soak up the flavor. So bring on the low carb lasagne in all it’s greatness and enjoy! This low carb lasagne is a delicious combination of bolognese mince, creamy low […]

Real Live Lion Spoor – Marloth Park

Lion Spoor (Day 2 16 January 2018-Marloth Park) Continuation from previous blog post Another Hot Day in the African Bush. Continue below for the Lion Spoor spotting blog. We exited out long grass heaven and settled down in some shorted grass to pull out a much-needed drink as we watched the trickle that is the Crocodile River flow past us. After much chatting and a bit of laughter we headed to have sundowners at one of the benches along the Crocodile River. We arrived to find a game vehicle and spotted two foreign tourists some way down the side of the fence. There was a huge herd of Elephant right by the fence and so we headed toward them to […]

Another Hot Day in the African Bush – Marloth Park

Another Hot Day in the African Bush – Marloth Park (Marloth Park, January 15, 2018) Today was another hot day in the African bush. Despite the cloud cover, the heat consumed us and we only managed short periods of time outside before dipping in our man-made waterhole or retreating inside for a drink of water. Marloth Park is very unforgiving at this time of year with her heat. It never seems to let up. The first thing we noticed when we arrived was how much the water level of the Crocodile River had dropped since our visit the previous year in January 2017. The river bed is completely dry in some places from the Marloth Park fence line. Luckily there […]

Exploring Giba Gorge Chilli Style

Exploring Giba Gorge Chilli Style Giba Gorge, Hillcrest, South Africa Exploring what’s on your doorstep is something that is often overlooked. So I decided to start doing it. Being interested in travel it seemed only fitting that I started with my own country. So let’s go exploring Giba Gorge chili style! South Africa I am from South Africa, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I have lived here my whole life and take the beauty for granted a lot of the time. So before I head to Europe to explore those shores it’s time to do some exploring right here in South Africa! I own the Spais Chilli Sauce Company. We make healthy hot sauce and put […]

SPAIS Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak

SPAIS Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak This delicious juicy SPAIS Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak is a must for any hot sauce lover! Its spicy so beware!

Getting Your Hopes Up – Creating My Chilli Sauce Brand – Part 4

Getting Your Hopes Up – Creating My Chilli Sauce Brand – Part 4 Getting your hopes up when promised great things can leave an entrepreneur down and out in no time. Don’t get emotionally attached to great promises until they materialize. This is why. Today Was an Interesting Day Early May 2016 Today was an interesting day. I’m playing with the big fish now and feel like I’m in way over my head. There is just so much to learn. I spent some time working out how many bottles of chilli sauce I need to make and bottle per hour to deal with an order or five thousand. It worked out to be 50 bottles per hour, 5 hours a […]


The Biggest Chilli Wors Roll Ever

  The Biggest Chilli Wors Roll EverWe decided to make the biggest chilli wors roll ever. Just because it was fun! And lets face it, who doesn’t want a giant chilli wors roll?!

Traveling Through Mozambique

Traveling Through Mozambique

Traveling Through Mozambique Traveling through Mozambique is an experience I’ll never forget. We left Durban, South Africa in early January 2011 on an adventure that would take us over some of the most hectic roads we’d ever encountered, expose us to tastes, smells and sounds like no other, and bring us face to face with an angry malaria-ridden local! The easiest way to get to Mozambique from South Africa is through Swaziland. We arrived at the Lavumisa (Golela) border gate early in the morning. We drove straight across Swaziland and into Mozambique through the Boane border gate. We never stopped along the way in Swaziland as our mission was Mozambique and we still had a very long drive ahead of […]

Traveling Hot Sauce Blog

Traveling Hot Sauce Blog I’m so passionate about hot sauce and chili. I love hot sauce and I love traveling just as much. I also really like taking cool photos and I have a knack for writing. So I decided to put it all together and start the Traveling Hot Sauce Blog so that I can document all the fun I have and also get some kick-ass pics for promo purposes. I started my hot sauce brand in 2015 but only really started taking it seriously in February 2017. I started earning a full time living from my hot sauce brand in June 2017 after I quit another business venture of mine. It has been so much fun and I […]

Spais chilli sauce

South African Hot Sauce

South African Hot Sauce South African Hot Sauce varies and comes in many different shapes, sizes and flavors. The average hot sauce flavor here in South Africa is very different from the flavors found in the USA. Most American hot sauces are fruit based. In South African using fruit as a base for hot sauce is almost unheard of. It all has to do with pallet and what we in our designated countries prefer. I personally would love to get my hands on some American fruit based hot sauce. To me this is intriguing and very different. The Tastes and Flavors of Africa Our hot sauces are generally quite tangy. Some are oil based while some are vinegar and lemon […]

Making Hot Sauce Caveman Style

Making Hot Sauce Caveman Style Making hot sauce can be a challenge if you have very little and no money to get what is needed. Imagine trying to start a hot sauce business but really having nothing to work with. How would you grind chilies and mix the sauce together? This really got me thinking. The Man from Malawi There is a lovely man from Malawi that works on the property that I stay on in South Africa. He caught a glimpse of my chili plants one day and excitedly asked if he could have some. I was so excited to have someone around that was as excited about chilies as me, so I have him a bag full and […]

Chili Entrepreneur

Chili Entrepreneur What does it take to be a Chili Entrepreneur? Well for starters it means disagreeing with society, even if just a little. I have been a free agent since I finished school. I couldn’t handle how mundane and irrelevant to life it was. After leaving school I had a few regular jobs but never kept them long. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s having a boss looking over my shoulder. Where I Began I started out by studying music and went into it professionally. I failed horribly at making money out of my love for music. I do still perform, write music and teach but I no longer have to make a living from it. […]

SPAIS Smoked Chicken wings

Smoked Chicken Wings

  This is the quickest and easiest smoked chicken wing recipe on earth.  All you need to make Spais smoked chicken wings is a bottle if SPAIS smoked chilli sauce

Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken Flattie

Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken Flattie This Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken Flattie Recipe uses a combination of SPAIS Mozambique piri piri sauce, butter and Greek yogurt to create a delicious taste sensation.

Chilli Mint Chicken Flattie

  This juicy chilli mint chicken flattie marinaded in Greek yogurt & SPAIS Chilli Mint Sauce is so delicious. Who would have thought that mint and chicken would go so well. Serve it with roasted onion halves and spais chilli mint sauce green beans.People often come up to me at the market while I’m selling SPAIS and tell me what they do with it. One of these wonderful humans mentioned mixing Greek yogurt with the chilli mint sauce and so I decided to develop a recipe for it.