Creating My Chilli Sauce Brand – Part two

Creating My Chilli Sauce Brand – Part Two

Perseverance definitely pays off. I have been selling my hot sauce at the Shongweni Farmers Market in KwaZulu-Natal for the past 2 months. Each week I sell between 6 and 20 bottles of chilli sauce which is great but definitely not the ultimate situation. Week after week I go back and I sell a handful of chilli sauces. I see the value in selling these few bottles as they money it brings in gives me the cash flow I need to make more and expand my stock resources, however, what I find more valuable are the people I have met and the connections I have made because of it. That is so valuable, especially for a startup brand. Among the people that I have met there is talk of The Chilli Revolution where all of us hot sauce brewers get together and create a craft chilli sauce situation much like the Craft Beer industry grew and took off. Power in numbers and supporting each other is going to bring the home brewed chilli sauce makers and their brands to the front line of the hot sauce industry in South Africa and eventually worldwide.

On the other side of the idea if craft chilli sauces I have met people that are connected to the big food chain buyers in South Africa. So that is promising. I have a meeting this morning with one of them, so we will see how that unfolds.

My next step is to get my chilli sauce into a few local shops and start expanding it from there. I also have plans to start a hot sauce review vlog, so if you have a chilli sauce brand send a bottle to me and I’ll review it and get some people interested in it. Email with your review request and I’ll tell you where to send your bottle of hot sauce. Perseverance and some strong headedness is all it takes to succeed in the hot sauce industry. Keep at it like I am and together we will be successful.

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Creating My Chilli Sauce Brand part twoCreating My Chilli Sauce Brand part two

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