Exploring Giba Gorge Chilli Style

Giba Gorge, Hillcrest, South Africa

Exploring what’s on your doorstep is something that is often overlooked. So I decided to start doing it. Being interested in travel it seemed only fitting that I started with my own country. So let’s go exploring Giba Gorge chili style!

South Africa

I am from South Africa, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I have lived here my whole life and take the beauty for granted a lot of the time. So before I head to Europe to explore those shores it’s time to do some exploring right here in South Africa!

I own the Spais Chilli Sauce Company. We make healthy hot sauce and put it in really cool wax-sealed bottles. I started the Traveling Hot Sauce Blog to bring the two great loves of my life into the same space. Travel and chili sauce. So folks, time to explore a bit of South Africa.

Giba Gorge

One of the entrances to Giba Gorge is just down the road from where I live, so it was an obvious choice for one of our South African adventures. We set out with the two sausage dogs and grabbed some biltong from the local shop so we would have snacks along the way. The weather was perfect. It’s springtime here at the moment so it’s not too hot yet. We set out with no plan, just a long adventurous walk ahead.

The first stop was the tree swing. Totally worth the stop and all the fun. We took turns swinging and enjoying the moment. Photo Credit: Brittany Van Heerden

 Chilli Mint Sauce

Next we came across a pretty dried up waterfall and river. We have had a few months of hardly any rain as is usual during winter here. The scenery was still beautiful and perfect for a few Spais Chilli Sauce pics. I took the Chilli Mint Sauce along on this adventure. It’s that tangy delicious minty one just in case you missed the memo.

 We Were High on Energy

We were high on energy and the dogs were eager to explore, so we moved on. Walking and chatting. The scenery at Goba Gorge was typical of this area just after winter. Dusty dry bush with tufts of lush greenery where the rivers still run. The views are beautiful and the space is peaceful, except for the odd mountain bike that whizzed by at hurricane Irma speeds nearly knocking us off our feet.

We stopped for biltong snacks and water a few times, and eventually decided we’d walked far enough and made out way back. We had walked further than we realized at the time with a total of 7km under our belts once we reached the car. I think it’s needless to say that a few of us may have sore legs for a day for two. The two sausage dogs did really well and I finally figured out how to get Ruby to drink when we go out exploring. I put biltong in her water. She had no choice but to drink (even if indirectly). She fished the biltong out with big gulps of water. Success at last! She never drinks when we leave the house. Ruby is the little brown dog on the left in the photo above.

That’s All Folks

That concludes exploring Giba Gorge chili style. It was revitalizing, and to see such beauty hidden just down the road from where I stay was eye-opening. So get out there and explore your surroundings. A simple change in viewpoint can put in the shoes of a tourist, and that really is a cool place to be.

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