Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken Recipe

I come from a Portuguese and South African background. I have taken my Dad’s original Portuguese chicken recipe and adapted it slightly to make it into a Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken Recipe.  There is nothing quite like a Mozambique Piri Piri chicken braai. This recipe has brought about many memorable and fun family gatherings, great evenings of entertainment, and full bellies. My Dad moved to England when I was 16 years old and my brother and I stayed in South Africa.  Whenever my Dad comes to visit we make Mozambique Piri Piri chicken! There is no better place in the world to braai a hearty batch of Mozambique Piri Piri chicken than South Africa.  It always results in festive, tasty fun and the best part is we all go home smelling like a fire! There is a definite art to making Mozambique piri Piri chicken. Turn up the traditional Portuguese music (The Lambadas of Brazil if you have it), pour a nice glass of dry red wine, get a comfy chair and a basting brush and plant myself yourself next to the fire. From there you need to sit and baste the chicken every few minutes while turning it often. The rule is that the chicken is done when the marinade bowl is dry and no sooner!  Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken goes best with a side of roast pepper salad, a nice big green salad and if you are feeling really dedicated some sweet potato fries.

Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken Recipe


1 kg Chicken Pieces

1 Bottle SPAIS Mozambique Piri Piri Sauce

1 Cup White Wine

2 Bay Leaves

2 Table Spoons Butter


Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl and marinade the chicken for as long as possible. Over night marinading works best.

Make a braai or barbecue and cook the chicken basting it all the time.

Once the marinade is finished the chicken should be ready.

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