From Mozambique to South Africa

It was on a trip to Mozambique in 2011 that we discovered the mouth-watering flavours of Mozambique Piri Piri sauce. We decided to make own version of what we had tasted and brought the flavours of Mozambique back to South Africa. Over the years we developed unique versions of this delicious Piri Piri sauce along with a wide range of chilli sauces all under the SPAIS brand

Our Purpose

Our purpose at the SPAIS Chilli Sauce Company is to produce a healthy, tasty range of chilli sauce that is free from added preservatives, sugar and made from natural ingredients. 

The SPAIS chilli sauce range is banting/keto-friendly, low carb and diabetic friendly. No milk products, alcohol or animal products are used in the manufacturing of SPAIS Chilli Sauce and so it is also suitable for anyone that is lactose intolerant, halal or vegan. We use olive oil instead of other unhealthy cheaper oils. There are not many sauce manufacturers on the market that can claim that they use healthy oils and no sugar!

And so we present our range of healthy, tasty sauces to the world. There are more than enough unhealthy sauces out there on the shelves and we think it is time to take control of our health and what we eat. Many of the additives in today’s sauces are so unnecessary and unnatural. We’ve decided to change that and provide you with a healthy alternative that is so tasty you will never miss the nasty unhealthy sauces that have become the accepted norm.

Mozambique Piri Piri is so different.

Mozambique Piri Piri is something that is readily available in Mozambique and comes in many different shapes, sizes and flavours. There is always someone waiving a bottle of it at you on the side of the road. Mozambique Piri Piri sauce varies a lot and can be lethally hot and mild at times depending on who has made it. It is a very freely made sauce among the people in Mozambique.

Every bottle has a distinctly unique flavour and you just can’t seem to get enough of it. Poured over chips, chicken, prawns, you name it and we had Mozambique Piri Piri with it. We longed for the sauce after devouring the last bottle on returning to South Africa. It wasn’t long before we had a basic recipe worked out and had the neighbour’s mouths watering as we sat down to braai a Mozambique Piri Piri basted chicken.

Developing the Hot Sauce brand

It took a few years to finally get the chilli sauce brand going and on the market. It all began in 2011 and finally just before Christmas 2015 the first bottle of Spais was given as part of a hot sauce hamper to our founder’s brother for Christmas. And so launched the SPAIS Chilli Sauce range of hot sauces.

It all happened rather quickly from that point onward. From the initial idea in 2011 with the recipes, conceptualizing and branding to actually bringing it to the market in 2015.

The SPAIS Chilli Sauce Range

The SPAIS motto is “The Art of Tasty Sauce” and we live by that. There are currently six tasty SPAIS chilli sauce flavours, and two flavours in the NOT HOT range of LIMITED EDITION sauces!

Mozambique Piri Piri as mentioned above is a mild chilli sauce with distinct Mozambican flavours. A personal favourite of our founder! In keeping to our motto of The Art of Chilli Sauce there is our Devil Chilli Sauce which is definitely hot enough to make you sweat! It is the hottest sauce in the SPAIS range. The Devil Chilli Sauce is made with a delicious combination of African birds eye chillies and Durban spices that enhance the final taste sensation of this delicious extra hot sauce. We recently created a NEW IMPROVED RECIPE for this delicious sauce. More FLAVOUR and more HEAT! Look out for the bottles with the “NEW RECIPE” labels on them!

Some Different Flavours

Our Chilli Mint Sauce which as the name suggests is a chilli sauce infused with mint. It is mild and refreshing in flavour bringing a very different set of unique, cool flavours to the table. Chilli and fresh mint combined result in the most intriguing flavour experience. It is mouth-watering. It may seem a strange combination at first but trust me, it is divine! 

The Spais Jalapeno Sauce has now become part of the LIMITED EDITION range. We make it once or twice a year! It has a fresh and crispy in flavour. It goes really well with avocado on toast, pork rashers and pork roast. It even goes well on apple and salad. The uses are endless. It is light in flavour compared to the rest of the SPAIS Chilli Sauce Range with a very subtle hint of ginger.

Afro Chilli Sauce saw its official release in 2017. The name “Afro Chilli ” has been tucked away for a few years already just waiting for the right inspiration and flavour combination. Afro because the flavour gets ya so hyped your hair will stand on end!

The inspiration for this rustic sauce comes from a little town known as Komatipoort (near the Kruger National Park). In January 2017 we decided to go with a new recipe that was developed shortly after this trip. The first batch sat in the fridge for a while before it was insisted we release the new flavour.

It now is one of the top selling and most popular of the SPAIS hot sauce range. It is very hot (shisa) and made with a combination of different local hot peppers. It is a chunky sauce with a distinct African flavour and offers a unique chilli experience.

The Smoked Chilli Sauce is made using ingredients that are cold smoked. The smoke flavour we produce is unique to the South African Braai (Barbeque) technique. We use locals wood and coal to smoke our chilies and other ingredients. It has a subtle delicate smoked flavour and is best enjoyed on Boerewors Rolls, burgers and with Braai Vleis (Braai Meat).