Bozza Herb Sauce 250ml


This 125ml bottle of sauce is NOT HOT. It has a spicy zing to it but no real heat level. Imagine Chimichurri, It’s along those lines, but with a hint of local Durban spice!

No added preservatives, sugar-free, gluten-free, keto & vegan-friendly.

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BOZZA Herb Sauce

Bozza herb sauce is our only NOT HOT sauce! It’s packed with flavour and a slight zing. There is no chilli in this sauce.  Just pure herby goodness. It’s like Chimichurri with a local Durban zing to it. Absolutely DELICIOUS.

Food Pairings

Goes well basted over roast meat, roast veg, fish and chicken. It’s an all-rounder. A people pleaser. So, BOZZA (the BOSS sauce) is not only a sauce but is also for basting and can be used as a marinade. It can also be used to add flavour to cooking instead of regular dried mixed herbs.  Smother a piece of beef in this delicious sauce and then roast it and make gravy with the drippings! You will be forever popular.

BOZZA is boss and we’re sticking to that! This sauce is a must-try. Be a BOZZA, dare to be different and give this sauce a try.

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