SPAIS Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak

SPAIS Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak

This delicious juicy SPAIS Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak is a must for any hot sauce lover! Its spicy so beware!


  • 2 300g Porterhouse Steaks
  • Lots of SPAIS Devil Chilli Sauce or any other really hot sauce


  1. Make a fire. You are going to need flames to cook the steaks in

    Score the edges of the steaks

    Soak it in Spais devil chilli sauce

    Flame grill to perfection!

    Eat and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

Cooking with hot sauce can be so simple. If you are a hot sauce fan all you really need is a bottle of hot sauce and the food that you intend to douse it in. It so much fun. I have loads of hot sauces in my fridge. Occasionally I have a hot sauce barbecue and marinade all the meat in different hot sauces. It's so good and nice to compare the different hot sauce flavours on after the other.


Watch the Spais Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak being made here

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