Chilli Mint Chicken Thighs

These chilli mint chicken thighs are absolutely delicious. Like their big brother, the Chilli Mint Chicken Flattie they are just pure deliciousness! A delicious combination of yoghurt, Chilli Mint sauce and fresh herbs. Check out our Chilli Mint Chicken Flattie Recipe for another version of this deliciousness! Want to Sstay tuned and keep up to date on our latest competitions and sauce releases. Hit that like button on our Facebook page.

Low Carb Lasagne

Lasagne is something we all dream about. A low carb lasagne is otherworldly. Garfield was definitely onto something! Traditionally as I’m sure you know lasagne is a type of wide, flat pasta, possibly one of the oldest types of pasta in the world. On a keto diet, pasta is a no. We have successfully substituted the lasagne sheets for aubergine as in this recipe, thin butternut sheets (slices) and courgettes sliced very thinly. All the flavor is in the white sauce and mincemeat really, the “pasta” is just there to soak up the flavor. So bring on the low carb lasagne in all it’s greatness and enjoy! This low carb lasagne is a delicious combination of bolognese mince, creamy low […]

SPAIS Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak

SPAIS Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak This delicious juicy SPAIS Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak is a must for any hot sauce lover! Its spicy so beware!


The Biggest Chilli Wors Roll Ever

  The Biggest Chilli Wors Roll EverWe decided to make the biggest chilli wors roll ever. Just because it was fun! And lets face it, who doesn’t want a giant chilli wors roll?!

SPAIS Smoked Chicken wings

Smoked Chicken Wings

  This is the quickest and easiest smoked chicken wing recipe on earth.  All you need to make Spais smoked chicken wings is a bottle if SPAIS smoked chilli sauce

Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken Flattie

Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken Flattie This Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken Flattie Recipe uses a combination of SPAIS Mozambique piri piri sauce, butter and Greek yogurt to create a delicious taste sensation.

Chilli Mint Chicken Flattie

  This juicy chilli mint chicken flattie marinaded in Greek yogurt & SPAIS Chilli Mint Sauce is so delicious. Who would have thought that mint and chicken would go so well. Serve it with roasted onion halves and spais chilli mint sauce green beans.People often come up to me at the market while I’m selling SPAIS and tell me what they do with it. One of these wonderful humans mentioned mixing Greek yogurt with the chilli mint sauce and so I decided to develop a recipe for it.

Chilli peppers and Health Benefits

Chili Peppers Have Health Benefits Chili peppers have health benefits. There is no question about it. Chili peppers contain up to seven times more vitamin C than an orange. They are also a good source of vitamins A,  E, beta-carotene, folic acid and potassium! Chilli peppers have a vast range of health benefits that include aiding digestion, fighting blocked noses, helping to relieve migraines as well as muscle, joint and nerve pain. So the moral of the story is to eat more chili peppers! Chili peppers are available throughout the year and add a spicy zest to an array of dishes worldwide. For those brave enough to risk their fiery heat chili peppers are a fantastic health booster and a […]

Mozambique Piri Piri Prawns Recipe

Preparing your Mozambique Piri Piri Prawns Recipe can be a tedious task if you let it. I choose not to let it be tedious. Put some nice tunes to keep you company while you prepare you Mozambique Peri Peri Prawns. Each prawn has a vein that needs to be removed. To devein a prawn, use a small sharp knife to make a slit along the middle of the back to expose the dark vein and pull it out. You need to leave the head and tail on as they add amazing flavor. If you buy prawns without heads and tails your Mozambique peri peri prawns will not taste authentic. Deveining the prawns will take some time and it is a […]

Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken Recipe

I come from a Portuguese and South African background. I have taken my Dad’s original Portuguese chicken recipe and adapted it slightly to make it into a Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken Recipe.  There is nothing quite like a Mozambique Piri Piri chicken braai. This recipe has brought about many memorable and fun family gatherings, great evenings of entertainment, and full bellies. My Dad moved to England when I was 16 years old and my brother and I stayed in South Africa.  Whenever my Dad comes to visit we make Mozambique Piri Piri chicken! There is no better place in the world to braai a hearty batch of Mozambique Piri Piri chicken than South Africa.  It always results in festive, tasty […]