Chilli Mint Chicken Thighs

These chilli mint chicken thighs are absolutely delicious. Like their big brother, the Chilli Mint Chicken Flattie they are just pure deliciousness! A delicious combination of yoghurt, Chilli Mint sauce and fresh herbs. Check out our Chilli Mint Chicken Flattie Recipe for another version of this deliciousness! Want to Sstay tuned and keep up to date on our latest competitions and sauce releases. Hit that like button on our Facebook page.

Low Carb Lasagne

Lasagne is something we all dream about. A low carb lasagne is otherworldly. Garfield was definitely onto something! Traditionally as I’m sure you know lasagne is a type of wide, flat pasta, possibly one of the oldest types of pasta in the world. On a keto diet, pasta is a no. We have successfully substituted the lasagne sheets for aubergine as in this recipe, thin butternut sheets (slices) and courgettes sliced very thinly. All the flavor is in the white sauce and mincemeat really, the “pasta” is just there to soak up the flavor. So bring on the low carb lasagne in all it’s greatness and enjoy! This low carb lasagne is a delicious combination of bolognese mince, creamy low […]

SPAIS Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak

SPAIS Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak This delicious juicy SPAIS Devil Chili Porterhouse Steak is a must for any hot sauce lover! Its spicy so beware!


The Biggest Chilli Wors Roll Ever

  The Biggest Chilli Wors Roll EverWe decided to make the biggest chilli wors roll ever. Just because it was fun! And lets face it, who doesn’t want a giant chilli wors roll?!

Making Hot Sauce Caveman Style

Making Hot Sauce Caveman Style Making hot sauce can be a challenge if you have very little and no money to get what is needed. Imagine trying to start a hot sauce business but really having nothing to work with. How would you grind chilies and mix the sauce together? This really got me thinking. The Man from Malawi There is a lovely man from Malawi that works on the property that I stay on in South Africa. He caught a glimpse of my chili plants one day and excitedly asked if he could have some. I was so excited to have someone around that was as excited about chilies as me, so I have him a bag full and […]