Devil Chilli Sauce

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Pay R70 per bottle when you buy one of each flavor!

Get this 250ml Black Wax SealedĀ Bottle of Devil Chilli Sauce plus five other flavors for R420!

Fantastic with Rump Steak, Spaghetti Bolognese

Heat Rating: Hot, but not as hot as the Afro Chilli

No added preservatives, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Banting & Vegan Friendly.

The SPAIS Chilli Sauce range is also Diabetic and Halal friendly. We are not certified Halal yet, but there are not animal products or alcohol in our hot sauce range!


Devil Chilli Sauce

This one is hot!!!! Made from a combination of African Birds eye chilli’s and Indian spices with a Portuguese flare. Delicious & fiery! Our Devil Chilli Sauce sauce combines a wonderfully hot assortment of African chilies. The Devil Chilli, also known as the African Birds Eye Chilli and the Cayenne Pepper Chilli. These chillies combine to give a hot but not lethal after kick. This one is tangy, tasty and rather hot and full of flavour.

Fulled With Flavour

Our Devil Chilli Sauce does not claim first place for the hottest spot in the world of hot sauces. Instead it’s flavour bursts through leaving a nice hot rush that subsides rather rapidly. It will make you sweat if you eat enough of it, but will definitely not annihilate your taste buds.

A combination of African, Portuguese and Indian flavours leave for a very tasty and interesting hot sauce. Wax sealed in a black wax.

Special Offer

You can get this sauce, along with the other five flavours in the Spais range. If you live in any of the major centers in South Africa. For a limited time we are offering FREE DELIVERY if you buy a six pack of sauce.

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