Afro Chilli Sauce


250ml Yellow Wax Sealed Bottle

Distinct African flavours.

Heat Rating: Shisa / Hot

No added preservatives, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Banting Friendly & Vegan Friendly.


Afro Chilli Sauce

Afro Chilli Sauce is one of the hotter sauces in the SPAIS chilli sauce range. It is best described as SHISA (HOT in Zulu) and lived up to its name. The yellow wax sealed bottle is vibrant just like the culture in Africa. It is a hot sauce with distinct flavours of Africa. This bad boy is not to be missed. Best served with chicken done on the braai or barbecue.  Also great with burgers, wors  rolls pizza and pasta. It is the hottest in the SPAIS Chilli Sauce range. For those of you that like it milder just add some mayonnaise to cool it down.

Afro Chilli Sauce Origins

Back in 2015 when SPAIS Chilli Sauce started, Afro Chilli was on the list. It wasn’t until early 2017 that the sauce was actually released. Since then it has become one of the most popular in the Spais Chilli Sauce range. On a trip to Komatipoort, founder Stephanie Pais decided to release the new flavour.

It’s taste is local and delicious. It is a more chunky sauce, sometimes compared to a Mazavaroo. There are so many different chilli sauces in Africa. The hot sauce scene and experience is a true treat, Afro Chilli has added to this thriving, growing hot sauce culture.

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shisa afro chilli sauce


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